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Welcome to the Falstaff Beer fan site!

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Update 10/20/2013 New Shots On The Galveston Brewery Tour Page


   Falstaff Brewing was the story of two St. Louis based brewing families, the Lemps and Griesediecks. Started by German immigrant Adam Lemp in the 1840s, in 50 years' time the Falstaff brand became one of the most popular in  America, and was exported world-wide.  Unfortunately, the Lemp family enterprise was devastated by personal tragedies and the economic effects of prohibition. Lemp Brewing went into receivership in 1920s. The Falstaff brand was then purchased for a very small sum by another St. Louis brewing family, the Griesediecks,who marketed near beer, soft drinks, and cured hams under the Falstaff name.

With the repeal of prohibition in 1933 came a period of rapid expansion for the company. By the 1960s, Falstaff was the third largest brewer in America with plants situated from coast to coast. During the 1970s, however, fortunes began to decline as Falstaff fell victim to consolidation within the beer industry. In 1977 they were purchased by a California based holding company who also owned General Brewing (Lucky Lager). Assets from Pabst, Pearl, Olympia Brewing, and eventually Stroh's were later added to the fold.  The Falstaff breweries were  eventually closed  and most of the equipment sent to China. The brand has been discontinued in 2005, and this site is a tribute to the employees of Falstaff Brewing as well to all of us that ever enjoyed "the choicest product of the brewer's art".  I have also included pages on four other breweries whose beers I enjoyed in the 1970s and 80s; Falls City, Walter's, Carling - National, and Jos Picketts & Sons. Click on the links on the left for more info.

03/04/2013 Candance Mahlendorf sent in this picture of the Omaha Falstaff Brewhouse Crew, her mother-in-law had worked at the brewery. Thank you!

Back in the 70s, I really enjoyed the Gabe & Walker series of television ads. They featured future movie star Sam Elliot. Here is a cool site dedicated to preserving Falstaff breweriana and advertising, and a cool Gabe & Walker ad. Just click here. Special thanks to Falstaff collector Don Williams

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If you have an old Falstaff advertising piece, the best place to get an idea of its value is on eBay -- it is also the only about the only place I know of to buy Falstaff memorabilia on line 

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