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Plant Photos

Below are some pictures of all the former Falstaff Brewing Corporation sites- Click on Thumbnail to view - thanks to everyone who sent in photos and to Mike Harris for the tech support! There are more photos of interest on the Other Photos page.

Updated 3/02/07- New Orleans Photos Added

hq.jpg (36573 bytes)

Former Headquarters St. Louis - torn down a few years ago, now the site of the St.Louis Science Museum - scan thanks to Don Roussin 

continent.jpg (23782 bytes) 

The Continental Bank building- Falstaff once occupied several floors here as a headquarters (unless noted, pictures are from my collection)

St. Louis 5.jpg (45303 bytes)   St.Louis 2.jpg (61680 bytes)    LempOp1.jpg (63289 bytes)

   Lemp Buildings  St. Louis 86 - This is where it all started! (note my cool 1980 Ft. Wayne built IH Scout, this was the last year they were made, it will appear again!) / Lemp lithograph thanks to D Roussin and K Kious - Cherokee St - within sight of Anheuser Busch      

      wmjlemp.jpg (28731 bytes)     ab1.jpg (27317 bytes)

Lemp 4/2000

lemp-pic1.jpg (20136 bytes)          lemp-pic2.jpg (30260 bytes)           lemp-pic4.jpg (24394 bytes)             lemp-pic5.jpg (34988 bytes)

    lempwindow.jpg (38906 bytes)   lemp_3.jpg (28586 bytes)

Lemp close ups thanks to Joel Gandt

  brew31.jpg (62024 bytes) brew32.jpg (54802 bytes) new_lemp5.jpg (47588 bytes) brew44.jpg (52055 bytes)

 Some shots of the Lemp Complex, thanks to the Comtesse DeSpair. To see the rest of the pics just click here and be instantly transported over / Lemp Postcard sold on eBay

Some New Shots of Lemp, thanks to historian Donald Roussin

ab2.jpg (22356 bytes)

 Falstaff International Museum - recently completely refurbished, St. Louis 4/2000 -1900 Shenandoah

stlbttlshp.jpg (18253 bytes) newforestpark.jpg (27413 bytes) plt1drwg.jpg (36585 bytes)  plt1nite.jpg (36062 bytes)

     Plant One (originally Forest Park Brewing)  Bottle Shop & Plant St. Louis 1986 / Drawing of Plant One in 1946 thanks to Don Roussin, Plant One at night from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat / Plant One Bottle Shop '56 thanks to Derek Oltman - 3662 Forest Park Blvd

plant1o.jpg (13663 bytes)        aa2.jpg (26062 bytes)

Plant One 4/2000

otto.jpg (28952 bytes)

 Entrance to Plant Two St. Louis, former Otto Stiefel Brewery - thanks to Bryan Monaco (most of this was torn down in the 1950s) (there is an article about the destruction of this plant on the More Photos page)

Omaha, NE 1986.jpg (76709 bytes) 

Plant 3 Omaha NE, 1986 former Fred Krug Brewing Co. (Courtesy of Thomas Glatch) Plant falls into disrepair and is torn down in 1997. 25th & Deer Park

  nebr1.jpg (15307 bytes)   nebr2.jpg (12315 bytes) plant3_1961.jpg (41817 bytes) plt3_1955.jpg (17694 bytes) plt3_1959.jpg (23623 bytes) removetanks.jpg (18094 bytes)  falstaff_omaha_12.jpg (28956 bytes) falstaff_omaha_14.jpg (30488 bytes) falstaff_omaha_3.jpg (33304 bytes)

Two more shots of Omaha - thanks again to Tom - Plant 3 in 1961 in the middle thanks to Don Roussin - offices 1955 / entrance 1959 / and stripping out the assets 1992 thanks to Bryan Monaco. The last three shots are from Don Solo's exhibit on the Beer History Site Photo Gallery

nod.jpg (17414 bytes)   noc.jpg (13512 bytes)

   (Left) entrance to offices of  Plant 4 New Orleans formerly National Brewing - This building has now been cleaned and refurbished as the "Love Outreach Ministry"... / (Right) The structure on the top of the tower is the "Weather Ball" which used to give colored weather forecasts - 2600 Gravier Street

New Orleans.jpg (59727 bytes)   plt7lar.jpg (31279 bytes)    plt7lar2.jpg (32349 bytes)

      New Orleans 1980s, left thanks to "the Brewer's Monk" / middle & right to Larry Faucheux.  Note on Larry's middle photo where the tanks had been torn out, this will happen again and again....

    wpe1.jpg (19876 bytes)  no_bruktl.jpg (32673 bytes)

"Big Easy" back in the 1950s & the brew kettles, thanks again to Bryan

noa.jpg (16712 bytes)    nob.jpg (25281 bytes)

                 King Gambrinus, the patron of beer, still sits on the throne - New Orleans sign 6/2000

noe.jpg (11824 bytes)

stone work in New Orleans (not a thumbnail)

Some additional shots of New Orleans 11/2002, this is being used as a steel fab yard now.


12/18/04 These new pics of the New Orleans plant sent in by Dixie Aldridge

2/17/05 Here is a linen drawing of the Falstaff brewery in New Orleans when it still was National Brewing. Thanks to Gregory Ensslen of the Big Easy for the pic!


6/30/05 This great shot of King Gambrinus atop the former Falstaff brewery in New Orleans toasting the Dixie Brewery thanks to Chris Branan. For the rest of his pictures of the Falstaff brewery click here.


           St. Louis 4.jpg (73905 bytes)      St. Louis 6.jpg (66843 bytes)    stl1.jpg (12659 bytes)   plant5_00a.jpg (21346 bytes) plant5_00b.jpg (40835 bytes)      plant5_00c.jpg (52806 bytes) FBC-east1.jpg (61918 bytes) FBC-east2.jpg (53993 bytes) FBC-entry gate.jpg (78454 bytes) FBC-north1.jpg (40594 bytes) FBC-northeast2.jpg (57042 bytes) FBC-northwest1.jpg (47935 bytes) FBC-smoke3.jpg (35538 bytes) FBC-south1.jpg (38949 bytes) FBC-southeast1.jpg (57292 bytes) jungenfeld5.jpg (45265 bytes)

The former Columbia Brewing site on the north side of St Louis was Plant 5, 3 shots from 1986 show it being converted into apartments, also three shots of the site in 2000  The last nine shots were taken by Joel Gandt in 12/2000. Apparently the building's super came out and wanted to know why he was taking pictures of the building. Even after he tried to explain, she absolutely could not fathom why someone would want to take pictures of a brewery that was no longer producing beer. It's like the wife always says to me "If I gotta explain it to you, then you won't understand" Pic of plant 5 in the 19th century from the Beer History Site - 2000 Madison Street - don't forget to take an Uzi with you J

      sj1.jpg (28151 bytes)  sj2.jpg (17231 bytes)    Mvc-007f.jpg (41699 bytes)    cover4-0010.jpg (20008 bytes)

      Two shots on left,  Pacific Brewing & Malting became Plant 6 San Jose 1969 - thanks to Bryan Monaco -  Right, same shot today - Condos instead of a brewery! Thanks to Michael Ostrofsky for the pic - 1025 W. Julian Street - surprisingly the old hops silo has been turned into this modernistic home! For the story click here

Fort Wayne, IN - 1 1983.jpg (61744 bytes)  newftwayne.jpg (35890 bytes)  Ft. Wayne A.jpg (54793 bytes)  

        Plant 7   Ft.Wayne, IN 1983    formerly Berghoff Brewing - 1019 Grant Avenue for more on this plant go over to the Ft Wayne Brewery Tour page

Ft. Wayne - Brewer's Monk.jpg (80410 bytes)  in1.jpg (16075 bytes) ftwayne.jpg (10438 bytes) ft_wayne_ww.jpg (22996 bytes)

3 shots of Ft. Wayne 1986 - Thanks to Fil Graf aka the "Brewer's Monk" - note where "Berghoff" logo had been removed in upper right / Ft Wayne falling down thanks to Wes Weaver      

 ftwaynedoor1.jpg (26415 bytes) ftwayneof.jpg (28885 bytes)  ftwayy2kb.jpg (30845 bytes)  ftwy2k.jpg (21488 bytes) ftwaynedoor2.jpg (37185 bytes)

    Thumbs of Ft Wayne 8/2000 - most of the plant has been torn down, the lights are on in the former sales offices but nobody's home..  dismantling the Ft Wayne plant to ship to Pabst in China - scan thanks to Derek Oltman, former employee

Galveston, TX 1986.jpg (43856 bytes)

Plant 8 Galveston, TX  previously Gulf Brewing  1986- 33rd & Church St (for more go over to the Galveston Tour page)

          post card.jpg (17813 bytes)

Galveston brewery in the early days and in 1956 around the time of the Falstaff purchase. Postcard from the 1960s - thanks to Derek Oltman & Tom Clark

     Galveston, TX 2 1986.jpg (61205 bytes) trucks.jpg (21259 bytes)

                  Galveston, 1986 - billboard had almost completely faded away by then / abandoned semis in yard 

      renovate.jpg (11476 bytes) bottle.jpg (17047 bytes) church.jpg (45152 bytes)

    Galveston 1999: certain parts of the brewery are being renovated  /   Bottleshop office / view of brewery from Church St. Brewhouse and brewhouse tower built in 1960, blue building on the upper right was the hospitality roon. Thanks to Robert Ebert for the photos.                       

    winnie.jpg (50896 bytes)   office.jpg (32970 bytes)

Galveston brewery 1999 - damage to building caused where S&P pulled brewhouse tanks out to be shipped to China (PBR is available throughout China, brewed with this equipment) -Galveston offices today -  thanks again to Robert Ebert     

Some shots of Galveston just after it was closed by Ralph Stenzel


 El Paso, TX 1979.jpg (55916 bytes)  ept2.jpg (23835 bytes) newelpaso.jpg (21407 bytes)

                Plant 9 (formerly Harry Mitchell's) El Paso, TX  1980 -3801 Frutas   / Falstaff execs toasting in the beer garden 1956 / inspecting the bottling line / brew kettle / offices and bottleshop - thanks to Derek Oltman  New shots from El Paso 12/2002 -front of brewery, now leased for offices, storage space and lofts / side of same / bottle shop / offices / cool shield on gate of offices / beer garden / bar with kegs in wall to pour ice cold Falstaff Beer fresh from the brewery / German motif painting in beer garden / bottle shop offices / back of brewery

St. Louis 1986.jpg (50661 bytes)    ab4.jpg (18362 bytes)

      Plant 10 (formerly Griesedieck Bros.) warehouse St. Louis, MO 1986 / and 4/2000 as seen from the Museum  - 1900 Shenandoah          

Brew017 (2).jpg (39840 bytes)  Brew027 (2).jpg (38240 bytes)  Brew007 (2).jpg (42048 bytes)  Brew008 (2).jpg (44736 bytes)   Brew015 (2).jpg (44416 bytes) Brew022 (2).jpg (36608 bytes)      Brew011 (2).jpg (43136 bytes) Brew031 (1).jpg (40256 bytes) Brew032 (1).jpg (43904 bytes)

       Plant Ten St. Louis, 1999: Thanks to Mike Killian, Meramec Brewing Co. (what a mess!)

  plt10.jpg (35393 bytes) plt10_age.jpg (12779 bytes) plt10_bru2.jpg (19996 bytes) plt10_steps.jpg (8286 bytes)

Plant Ten 1999/ location or brew kettle #2 / aging cellar where tanks were removed in 1997 / steps down to the original Consumer's Brewing Caves : photos courtesy of Bryan Monaco                                                                         

falsta~3.jpg (47579 bytes)    plant10a.JPG (65240 bytes)  plant10_a.jpg (35450 bytes)   plant10_00b.jpg (32409 bytes)

Plant 10 1987 - scans thanks again to Dan Diana / two more shots of Plant 10 - 8/2000 with yours truly in front

panel1.jpg (24899 bytes) panel2.jpg (24800 bytes) panel4.jpg (30679 bytes) panel5.jpg (26391 bytes)

 Panels taken out of plant 10 courtesy of Marc Gottfried of the Morgan Street Brewery in St Louis

plt10tanks1.jpg (21518 bytes) plant10tanks2.jpg (19971 bytes) plt10tanks3.jpg (17067 bytes)

 Construction the world's first outside storage tanks for beer @ Plant 10 - 1965 pics thanks to Bryan Monaco

  falstaffin2 (2).jpg (47683 bytes) falstaffin1.JPG (125406 bytes) falstaffin2.JPG (134989 bytes)

View of Plant 11 malting operations near Chicago (torn down recently) from the Chicago Skyway this was the former Albert Schwill & Co., at one time the largest manufacturers of malt in the world - Thanks to Larry Faucheux for the shot!

chicago.jpg (24043 bytes)   chicago2.jpg (16639 bytes)

My pics of Chicago (taken hanging out from the car on the freeway!) 1980s

Plt11_a.jpg (59580 bytes) Plt11_b.jpg (72874 bytes) Plt11_c.jpg (78203 bytes) Plt11_e.jpg (46007 bytes) Plt11_f.jpg (72150 bytes) Plt11_h.jpg (48244 bytes) Plant11_j.jpg (42477 bytes) Plant11_i.jpg (61089 bytes) Plt11_final.jpg (105470 bytes)   plant11_k.jpg (75777 bytes)

 Some nice shots of Plant 11 while it was still standing and during its destruction. Great pics thanks to Michael Stanich of Mike's Photography in Whiting, IN. To contact Michael to purchase copies of these pics, click here

 gansett1.jpg (19138 bytes)  gansett 2.jpg (20887 bytes)  gansett3.jpg (22647 bytes) inside_cranston.jpg (41116 bytes) narr.gif (120758 bytes)

Three nice shots of Plant 12 Cranston, RI previously Narragansett Brewing late 1980s - many thanks to Tom Clark! Inside the Trolley Barn building 1999, the only structure - thanks to Bob Hedlund and a black & white shot of the plant from the ABA - Cranston & Garfield Ave.

 oldburgie.jpg (43512 bytes)

   Falstaff operated the old Burgie plant in San Francisco from 1972-1975. It was then spun off to Paul Kalmanovitz who operated it as a General Brewing plant until '78, scan thanks to Bryan Monaco. The plant started its life as the Milwaukee Brewery and after a number of name changes became the Burgermeister Brewing Company. Schlitz and Meister Brau of Chicago owned this plant before it was purchased by Falstaff.

           sf1.jpg (20655 bytes)   citybythebay.jpg (23013 bytes)    costco2.jpg (41844 bytes)    Mvc-009f.jpg (40934 bytes)

Two pics on left  S.F. again in 1977 - thanks to Robert Ebert for lending me the pictures  Right: S.F. being torn down & same site today -- a CostCo parking lot instead of a brewery - Thanks to Michael Ostrofsky for both shots (though he was a bit blinded by the sun on the right!) (Isn't there a Joni Mitchell song about this: "they tore down the brewery and put up a parking lot....")  432 10th Street                              

jersey_lilly.jpg (19514 bytes) jersey_lilly2.jpg (21993 bytes) pearl_1.jpg (9690 bytes) pearl_2.jpg (15775 bytes) pearl_3.jpg (16579 bytes) tap_room.jpg (20442 bytes)display_case.jpg (36217 bytes)

 While technically not a Falstaff  brewery, Falstaff was brewed at Pearl in San Antonio for the last 10 years. Robert Ebert took these shots just before the plant was closed April 2nd 2001. Apparently the gift shop will remain open. Left to right ; visitor's entrance /gift shop/south side of plant from gift shop/offices/outside of  Jersey Lilly saloon / inside of Jersey Lilly / Falstaff products on display. The round building in picture #5 were the stables, which was built in 1894. 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX.

pballantineplant.jpg (59003 bytes)

Here is a drawing of the old P Ballantine Brewery in NJ - Falstaff purchased the brands but never operated the brewery. It was located at Ferry & Freeman streets in Newark, some of the buildings are still standing and being used commercially                 

 You will note that a lot of the Falstaff / General Brewing equipment ended up at the Pabst plant in China. Here is a picture of plant 0ne in china, which is no longer used. It is the former lucky plant in Vancouver, WA. the picture on the left is the brewkettle from the plant. Thanks to Andrew Fratianni, the brewmaster of Pabst, China. 11/06/04 On the right are the Ft Wayne brew kettles, they were removed from the Pabst China Brewery in late 2000 due to a lack of experienced maintenance personnel in China. There were plans to use them in a visitors center but now they sit forlorn in southern china. These kettles brewed many a falstaff for your webguy in the 1970s...

Deceased Texas Breweries

lonestarsign.jpg (71218 bytes)  

 04/19/04 Some shots I have taken in my travels around Texas. Most normal guys I know head for a bar or a nice dinner after they are done with work. I look for old breweries.....(l) Lone Star Brewing - San Antonio started 1884, (m) Pearl Brewing - San Antonio started 1883, (r) the former Joseph Schlitz later Stroh's brewery in Longview

olshiner.jpg (46459 bytes) spoetzlkettle.jpg (66500 bytes) bluebonnets.jpg (91089 bytes)

4/19/04 But here's one Texas brewery the "Axis of Evil"  Budmillercoors (just kidding) couldn't kill off. Ol' Spoetzel Brewing in Shiner, TX is still going strong and brewing some mighty fine handcrafted grog. If you can't have a Falstaff, when you belly up to the bar order yourself up a Shiner Bock, OK hoss? Them kettles are "purdier" than a Permian Basin sunset. If you'd like the whole Spoetzl story, you can read my article in the latest issue of the American Breweriana Journal  (right) Texas Bluebonnets in bloom on the highway to the brewery - just showing I have a sensitive side too.