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Additional Falstaff Photos n' Stuff

Updated 03/20/09

8/18/09 Barry Travis photoshopped two photos of folks enjoying Black Label and Blatz back in the day! Thanks, Barry.

7/23/2009 These cool old Falstaff and Old Style metal signs were spotted by Ben Thompson in Scotts Bluff, NE


03/20/09 Michael Ostrofsky sent in this link with recent pictures of Falstaff plant 10 in St. Louis. Click Here and a link for the new Falstaff apartments in New Orleans...click here (hey, they're cheap compared to here in Chicagoland)

03/02/09 Gains McDonald sent in this cool (?) picture of a goat drinking Blatz Beer

02/09/09 Some cool new stuff! Georgia Friend of Falstaff's Ricky Graham's cool Miller Moon Lady Tattoo, A new Falstaff sign from Don Roussin, and a new advertising piece thanks to Joel Gandt

1/24/09 This cool Falstaff pic (in Viet Nam?) thanks to Jeffrey Bednar - they are sure having a lot more fun than I am today!

10/14/08 Here is a great pic of renown bluesman Furry Lewis drinking the best beer in the world...thanks to D'Arcy Ballinger for the send

10/26/08 This great pic of actor Henry Fonda enjoying a Falstaff in Viet Nam thanks to Jeffrey Bednar

In the 1970s Falstaff sponsored short track champ James Climer

photos from www.robertstutts.com

07/03/08 Classic Falstaff and Carling photo from the 60s thanks to Jeffrey Bednar

6/23/08 These cool pics of Lincoln, NE in 1940 sent in by Platinum Friend of Falstaff Bob Teter

6/29/08 Falstaff semi photo thanks to Carter Evans

Rusty Falstaff sign in Springfield, IL from Straightedge 217 on Flickr

The Falstaff brewery in Ft Wayne used to support Jerry Lewis' campaign for muscular dystrophy with this modified fire truck

2/14/08 Historian Don Roussin sent in a photo of this Lemp wall painting...it is located on an establishment called "Off Broadway" in St. Louis which is located near the intersection of Broadway and Lemp.

1/19/08 These great Fearless and Fanny sticker scans thanks to Jason Liebig. For more of his collection, click here

7/25/07 Former Falstaff employee Derek Oltman sent in these pics of a Berghoff ginger ale bottle he picked up (Berghoff were the original owners of the Falstaff brewery in Ft. Wayne, IN.)

5/25/07 Platinum Friend of Falstaff D'Arcy Ballinger sent in this picture of a prototype "Red Neck Wind Chime". Rumors on the street have it that Walmart may order hundreds...

9/28/06 Bridget Miller sent in a pic of this nice Falstaff sign

Back in the 1970s Falstaff Beer and Griesedieck Malt  Liquor sponsored James Climer..."King of the 1/4 Mile!" For more just click here

8/9/06 Larry Schroeder sent in pics of a cooler and full bottle he found!

8/6/06 Terry and David Campbell sent in this pic of a toy dining set made from a Falstaff can they found at a yard sale


6/19/06 My son John was able to locate a number of historical photos proving that many great Americans were, in fact, Falstaff drinkers. Now that Falstaff is no longer available, I am sure our current crop of sorry politicians will not reach the level of integrity and leadership previous 'Staff drinkers did... J

 Sam McCay sent in this jpeg of a belt buckle he found that combines two of my great passions, Falstaff Beer and racin'. Now if he just had a pic of Brigitte Bardot wearing it,

then life would be perfect!

1960s Narragansett ad thanks to Paul Abrams, formerly of Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing

3/15/05 This 1948 JF Kernan Falstaff painting thanks to Stephen Airhart

1/04/05 Well, we know who has a very cool wife.....Falstaff fan Beck Martin's  better half baked this cake for his birthday....sweet!

 Now here is an interesting project. We were contacted by West Coast painter FranCisco Vargas and the "Wall Dogs" to use one of the turn of the century Falstaff ads on our site to spruce up Lincoln, IL. As you can see it really came out nice. To read more about the project go here (note they also painted a Greisedieck Bros. Ad).  For more on Francisco's work, just click here Special tip of the ol'mug to Lemp Collector Joel Gandt who had sent in the original at to the site. 8/19/04 Here is another link on the project with some nice comments about this here site.

8/18/04 Ron Ruelle sent in this cool pic of a Falstaff  Beer sign he has from the 60's / Falstaff ad from the 1970s with taste reformulation sent in by Jeff Wilson

bartsfridge.jpg (79569 bytes) Dr.John.jpg (623683 bytes)

4/8/04 (left) It has been said that jealousy is one of the follies of the human condition. Some people become jealous of another's  possessions or perhaps their babe-like spouse. Your webguy has to admit to some pangs of jealousy when he sees the contents of  Bart Bartos' fridge...was it just me, or did you also notice there isn't any food in there....J (middle) Dr John Bertini Jr. of Houston keeps his Falstaff close to his collection of rare wines to preserve that wonderful Falstaff bouquet and flavor profile.  (right) but probably the "coolest" fridge set up belongs to Jeff Wilson of the Panhandle of Texas....his cans and his keg!

A home made of Falstaff Beer Cans? Amazing, but true! No, this is not my house. The last time the Houston Friends of Falstaff met, Richie Artzberger took us to see the Beer Can House. It is truly an amazing sight (especially after consuming numerous St. Arnold's Summer Brews). Quite a few cans are the old Falstaff 96 and regular Falstaff. The former owner, John Milkovisch, drank a six pack per day and found a use for all of the empties. And best of all, there is hardly a Bud, Miller, or Coors to be found anywhere, just cool old brands! For more...click here Every true "Friend of Falstaff" should make a pilgrimage to this shrine to the consumption of "value for money" (i.e. cheap) beer brands

 4/28/04 Ed Ide served in Company D, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade during the war in Viet Nam. He wrote and told me that they had gotten a shipment of Falstaff in 1968 that was just about the worst beer he had ever tasted. He was surprised Falstaff could sell such foul tasting stuff. I told him that I was pretty sure the beer had gone "skunk", i.e. turned to vinegar sitting just too long in hot warehouses. They had a reunion in 2004 and I sent them a case to try. The vets agreed the beer was pretty darn good. Ed will stick with his favorite, Leinie's Honeyweiss, but said my "skunk" theory must have been right. My favorite comment at the reunion was "Ed, next year contact all the other beer companies and tell them their beer was bad in Viet Nam too...." The thank you card is from Bob Manning.

Our group (company level) has located 149 of our soldiers. The gift of the Falstaff will also be noted in our quarterly newsletter of which, I am the publisher.  The name of the newsletter is "Dying Delta" because the combat losses in our company were higher than any other company in our battalion.  We have many soldiers in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  So these fellas are deserving of just a tiny bit of kindness after all the hell they have been through.  And in this case you John, provided just a little bit of that needed kindness.  We were all treated like mud when we returned from Viet Nam.  So thank you from me and thank you from the fellas.  I was running for elected public office in 1980 when I came to the house of a person I went to grade school with named Stanley.  When Stanley read the campaign card that I handed him, he read that I was a Viet Nam Veteran,  He yelled at me " I would not vote for a f----ing baby killer if you were the last person on earth".  He then took my campaign card, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it with his shoe.  I hope this helps you understand that treating our veterans with dignity, respect and thankfullness is long overdue.  And your act of kindness accomplished the goal.  No matter the size of your gift, I am telling you, you really did get a hell of a lot of bang for the buck with those two 12 packs.  

newgansett2.jpg (37125 bytes) newgansett3.jpg (46270 bytes) newgansett1.jpg (42923 bytes)

3/15/04 Bob Hedlund sent over these historical pics of Fastaff execs celebrating new packaging for Narragansett products. Sadly, 'Gansett is no longer produced by Pabst. 

kcbeer.jpg (28759 bytes)

1/1/04 I get emails from time to time about "The Old Pro". He was featured in Falstaff TV ads in the 1960s and is rumored to be the inspiration behind the New Orleans Saints' mascot / 1955 Falstaff beer trucks in Kansas City thanks to former Falstaff employee Joe Garland.

Here is a shot I took at a bar in New Orleans in 2003. Wish it were true that there still was Falstaff on draft...

The lovely lady in the middle of this old Newspaper photo was Laverne Arleen Bilyeau, who worked at Falstaff in St Louis and was "Miss Falstaff" 1940. 

 Lemp baseball scoreboard thanks to Joel Gandt / 1970s Falstaff sign Thanks to Todd / Falstaff cartoon thanks to Larry Schroeder! 

Dsc00364.jpg (37585 bytes)  

Here is a bar set sold by Falstaff Brewing in 1933 and is still in use! The bar is made from solid Honduran mahagony. To see it just go to DeBo's 702 Benham St. Bonne Terre, MO 63628 tel (573) 358-8855. Thanks to Clay Schlemeier for the pic, his grandfather's (right) distribution business delivered ice cold Falstaff here for 40 years.


Here is a 1975 review of beers from Oui Magazine. Apologies if it is a little difficult to read due to my budget scanner. See how your beer rates!

FRUSTRATED trying to read the beer tasting article from the 1975 Oui magazine due to the poor quality scan? Well.....here it is online.

 gabb1.jpg (10991 bytes)

From the "Great American Beer Book" by James D. Robertson 1978

oui75f.jpg (23289 bytes)

Better scan of the review of Falstaff in Hugh Hefner's "Oui" Magazine, April 1975. Unfortunately, Falstaff's taste was probably just a bit too robust for a generation of Americans raised on Coca-Cola....

 "Richer than average computerized beer" from Taster's Guide to Beer by Michael A. Weiner 1977, four out of a possible 6 stars beating Miller High Life and just short of Bud...(so how come Bud and Miller sell a gazillion more barrels of their beer each year??)

pretty decent review considering the author likes ales and stouts - "Quickly refreshing and crisp, but just as quickly develops thickness on the tongue and palate, freshness and some zip; taste is rather attenuated and bland, but like a cold glass of water it does offer thirst quenching qualities; too many adjuncts to be anywhere near distinctive, decent lightweight brew. Try it with Indian food." 


I found these Lemp post cards out on the web, I wrote the guy who posted them for permission to post them but the email address was no longer valid....


In the 1950s Falstaff commissioned artist J.F. Kernan to do a number of outdoor scenes for them, Kernan also did covers for the Saturday Evening Post and passed away in 1958 - scan thanks to Duane Hitt / these lucky folks live in a Falstaff grain silo, to get the whole story, just click here / here is a painting by American artist Eddie Arning. Well, you guys wrote and said you wanted more art and culture on the site, so I'm doing my best, OK?

        falstaff1915.jpg (97925 bytes)     statueandbottles2.jpg (85649 bytes)    lemp_Tray1.jpg (33265 bytes)     lemp_tray2.jpg (36381 bytes)

   First few items :Some nice Lemp scans thanks to Joel Gandt - the newspaper ad is from 1914 To see the rest of Joel's Lemp scans, click here / beautiful Lemp trays from the Trayman's  primo site 

newpic_2.jpg (171283 bytes)  newpic_1.jpg (64538 bytes) newpic_5.jpg (24297 bytes) newpic_3.jpg (68011 bytes)

Some great historical scans thanks again to Clay Schlemeier (Clay just had a baby boy - CONGRATS!!)

 pabst_cases.jpg (30807 bytes).dogs_r.jpg (10981 bytes)  Mvc008f.jpg (95924 bytes)

 Yellow Falstaff Cases at the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee 1/2002 / Dog scan thanks to Derek Oltman of Plant 7 in Ft Wayne / Ooops -someone sent this nice pic a long time ago and it got forgotten - thanks to whoever sent it in and apologies for not remembering who!                               

   falstaff_rd.jpg (34471 bytes)

Falstaff Beer Truck in Tennesee - 1930s? / Stag Beer fan Mike Guye & frequent contributor to this site at the Falstaff Road area of Foley, MO

  world's_fair.jpg (118038 bytes) 40031.jpg (8599 bytes)

Check out this great Lemp World's Fair Poster thanks to Clay Schlemeier /Postcard of Elks Home, San Antonio, TX 1915 w/ Falstaff sign above door                      

stockroom.jpg (54496 bytes)  tavern.jpg (44496 bytes)  vwbus.jpg (47813 bytes) forklift2.jpg (57255 bytes) forklift3.jpg (47921 bytes) paint detail.jpg (52709 bytes) forklift1.jpg (29620 bytes) rotate.jpg (15532 bytes) corner.jpg (52228 bytes)  fork_cases.jpg (60877 bytes) staffbucks1.jpg (30861 bytes)

Some great historical scans thanks to Clay Schlemeier

19th AOD.jpg (13260 bytes)       125th.gif (7210 bytes)      125th -II.gif (161760 bytes)

Ron Pozin served his country in the 125th Aviation Company (Air Traffic Control) 4th Plantoon based in Can Tho, RVN. Their pocket patch was derived from the 18th AOD patch which was in turn derived from the Falstaff Beer label. They ran the control towers at many airfields in South Vietnam during the 1960s - early 1970s.

 falstaffhooch.jpg (20926 bytes)                        falstaffnam.jpg (11173 bytes)                   MeCookingRsoi.jpg (25245 bytes)        

More Falstaff in Viet Nam (left) Hooch wall in Viet Nam made from flattened Falstaff Cans / (right) Mike Harris with a can of Falstaff in Viet Nam - Mike volunteered & served with the Navy Mobile Riverine Force Division 152 Armored Troop Carrier in the Mekong Delta from 7/68 to 7/69. To visit his superb site on the Viet Nam war click on the icon below:

Endless4a.jpg (6154 bytes)

I wear a MIA bracelet for Melvin A Holland lost in Laos 3/11/68. To read his story please click here

nms3.jpg (22071 bytes)          nms1.jpg (14732 bytes)        nms2.jpg (10054 bytes)     nms4.jpg (12784 bytes)       nms6a.jpg (21740 bytes)

           Pics I took of Falstaff Signs Around New Mexico '79-'85 click on thumbnail to enlarge

     sign_stl00.jpg (31974 bytes)   bmph1.jpg (14211 bytes)   bmph2.jpg (20379 bytes)  falst1w.jpg (14839 bytes)

   Falstaff sign on the south side of St. Louis near plant 10 / Pacific, MO & St. Albans, MO thanks to Bryan Monaco (center pic not a thumbnail) The sign in Pacific was illegally removed and sold at auction 4/2002 but successfully recovered and returned to the owners thanks to networking among Falstaff fans

 staffstuff1.JPG (40890 bytes)   staffpiece1.jpg (27324 bytes) staffpiece2.jpg (22171 bytes) staffpiece3.jpg (32716 bytes)

   paulballitine.jpg (124872 bytes)

2 Falstaff stock certificates, one issued to John A. Griesedieck (thanks again to Bryan Monaco) - by the way, these things are a dime a dozen so don't pay a lot for one! The P Ballantine stock certificates are rarer but can be found on the Net.

          falstaff_beer_dt.jpg (112321 bytes)

 A Falstaff pin-up girl from the turn of the century and a semi load of Falstaff from the 1950s

beercanz1.jpg (91087 bytes)

       Falls City and Falstaff Beer can designs until 1975 from The Beer Can Collectors Bible by Jack Martells 1976

museum.jpg (24832 bytes)

Original Lemp brew kettle - Falstaff Museum 1970s

 In the recent Academy award winning film "Walk the Line", singer Johnny Cash has been spotted sharing a Falstaff with Elvis. Thanks to Mike McKoy for the tip! I saw the flick, and it is well worth watching. Mike really has a good eye, it is tough the see the bottle in the dark!

  lempman.jpg (27618 bytes) new_lemp1.jpg (69417 bytes) new_lemp2.jpg (58615 bytes)

   Lemp Mansion '86 - Now restored to a restaurant / theater & bed n' breakfast /A couple of new shots of the Lemp Mansion, thanks to the Comtesse DeSpair - to see the rest and read her article, just click here        

  lempman1.jpg (28196 bytes) aab1.jpg (25669 bytes) pic12.jpg (52482 bytes) lempman2.jpg (26262 bytes)

  dining room in the Lemp Mansion 4/2000/  Wm. J. Lemp bedroom (this room is supposed haunted by William's ghost, but I didn't see anything!) Lemp Mansion 4/2000

aa8.jpg (10224 bytes)       aa9.jpg (13862 bytes)    aab2.jpg (13048 bytes)

Old advertising in the mansion and....Another "ghost" - if you look carefully you can see the outline of the Falstaff shield on the Continental Bank Building - thanks to Bryan Monaco for pointing this out!              

folly.jpg (7967 bytes)            brewery1new.jpg (17128 bytes)          follysign1.jpg (12313 bytes)

Falstaff Free House & Brewery -  Derby, England (not thumbs!)

   donshouse.jpg (68613 bytes)  beerroom1.JPG (46703 bytes)   beerroom2.JPG (51953 bytes)  beerroom3.JPG (48352 bytes) bathroom.jpg (12127 bytes)

 Forget "Better Homes and Gardens"; this is my idea of perfect interior design - Dr. Don's house in the Gateway City ,Larry's massive collection, & some stuff from Lou Cady (heck, I ain't even out of the AA ball leagues yet...)

       Charger.jpg (48275 bytes)   Charger2.jpg (51388 bytes) charger3.jpg (81840 bytes) charger4.jpg (57850 bytes) charger5.jpg (71150 bytes) charger6.jpg (87853 bytes)  Maiden - 16.jpg (58589 bytes) Sir John - 16.jpg (59646 bytes) newlemp.jpg (114323 bytes)

 Scans of original Lemp Chargers (ca. 1907) thanks to Joel Gandt - many of these were reissued by Falstaff in the early 1970s with the Lemp logo replaced by Falstaff

       LempMug-close.jpg (47759 bytes)  LempSpBrew.jpg (37227 bytes)    sign#1.jpg (52718 bytes) sign#2.jpg (55187 bytes) sign#3.jpg (74806 bytes) sign#4.jpg (48437 bytes)       LempBust.jpg (35877 bytes)

More scans of Lemp breweriana thanks to Joel Gandt

You know, after I saw this cool pic on the Drastic Mezures tribute to 40 oz malt liquor, I decided ol' Bill was a pretty rockin' guy after all. (But I never understood why he stayed with Hillary when he coulda settled down with mega-fox and generally nice person Jennifer Flowers- below) Can you imagine having a total babe first lady? We'd all be watching C-Span every night .