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   Where Can I Buy Ballantine Ale and Other Great Beers? 

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Updated 12/12/2012 - NY Addition

Some of this information is older than dirt - please make sure you call the store first before making a major road trip

This page will now help you find Ballantine Ale and Haffenreffer Malt Liquor.  Locations in Green are for Ballantine Ale Locations in Purple are  for Haffenreffer Private Stock!

6/22/07 Thirsty for a Ballantine Ale but facing a 15 hour drive to the closest outlet? Fear not, now you can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Just click here. Thanks to Bill Becker out in WY for the tip!!! (if you can't find it - just type Ballantine into the product locator)


     Scottsdale: 9/26/06 AJ's Fine Foods has Iron City in aluminum bottles. They also have a variety of interesting imported beers.


   Bethel: Distributors Northeast Beverage of CT 11 Durant Ave 1 800 952 7903 for Ballantine Ale

     Bristol 11/01/07: Crazy Bruce's has Ballantine, Haffenreffer, and other great brews!  http://www.crazybruces.com/beer.html

     Cromwell: 9/27/07 Willowbrook Spirit Shop has got Ballantine on the shelf

     Fairfield: 2/16/05 Harry's Wine & Liquor 209 Post Road(203) 259-4692 http://www.harryswine.com/index.asp

     Mystic: A&P Liquors 12 oz bottles

     New Haven 3/18/08: Grand Vin on Line will ship 40oz's to your home http://www.grandvinonline.com/main.asp?request=SEARCH&country=UNITED%20STATES&type=B

   Norwich: Connecticut Beverage (distributor for Ballantine Ale) 340 West Thames St. or call 1 800 899 SUDS. On the web at www.conbeverageco.com

     Wallingford (distributor): G&G Beverage 207 Church St (203) 284-9511 email <info@ggbeverage.com> or visit them on the web: http://www.ggbeverage.com/


    Bear:  3/1/07 ABC Discount Liquor 316-320 Fox Hunt Drive (302) 836-9463 has Ballantine in cans. Bear is just south of Wilmington on I-95. http://abcliquorsde.com/

    Dover: Larry's Liquor carries Ballantine Ale in 12 oz cans

Georgia :

Brunswick: 3/05/06 Food Lion at exit 38 on I - 95 

Conyers: 12/30/10 Ballantine spotted at Sigman Road Package Store at $5.99 / six pack

Savannah: 5/1/05 Habersham Beverage Warehouse 7927 Abercorn St. (912) 961-6744 have Ballantine in 12 oz bottles. I got three cases there. They also have an excellent selection of micros, regionals, and imported beer. Habersham now sells single 22oz bottles of XXX for $1.29, if you buy cases you get a 10% discount. 

                   3/30/2006 Kroger's 711 Habersham St - my daughter spotted Ballantine Ale here, but it would appear that they bought all the remaining stock! Looks like Ballantine is getting wider distribution here now.


Arlington Heights: 6/11/08 Teddy's on 1050 East Rand Road carries a pretty good selection of beers including the 1960s Schlitz, Iron City, Point, and more

East Dubuque: 7/05/08 Vans carries a lot of retro brands; Stroh's, Huber, Blatz etc.

Niles: 7/05/08 Binney's Beverage Depot has a great selection of rare and exotic beers. 8935 N Milwaukee Ave. (847) 966-2300 There is a smaller location just off of Lake Cook in Buffalo Grove.




Vincennes 11/21/09 Fort Knox Liquors 63 N 15 1/2 St (812) 882-8014 has all kinds of great retro beers on the shelf including Oly, Schlitz, Old Style, etc.


Council Bluffs: 3/21/08 Hy Vee 1745 Madison Ave has Glueck's and Schells for the Ballantine deprived

 Des Moines: 5/24/05 The High Life Lounge on 200 SW 2nd St doesn't serve Falstaff any more but has lots of Falstaff advertising on the walls...                                     






Newport: Ol' City is gone now but Ballantine Ale has been spotted at party stores across the river from Cincinnati.....


 Brunswick: 06/02/10 Uncle Tom's Deli on Pleasant St. has 300 brands of beer, including Ballantine

Camden: Graves Supermarket off U.S. 1 has a great selection of Ballantine including 6 pack 16 oz cans for $5.99

 Portland: 4/23/07 Great Lost Bear Restaurant 16 oz cans (the perfect measure for beer - one pint)

                 4/23/07 RSVP Beverage 16 oz cans

                 Colonial Distributors 54 Warren Ave (207) 797-3208 and other locations - www.colonialdistributors.com/prodinfo.html carry Ballantine XXX Ale

                    Uncle Billy's Bar-B-Que Restaurant, gets five stars for serving Ballantine XXX and nasty Narragansett! Newbury Street


   Annapolis: Rams Head Tavern 33 West Street (410) 268-4545 on the web at http://www34.pair.com/zoil/beer.html

     Baltimore:  7/23/05 Joppa Liquors Inc (410) 661-3662, 1902 E Joppa Rd Baltimore, MD have 40's

                         7/23/05 White Marsh Plaza Liquors 7968 Honego Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21236 410-931-4055 have 6 packs of 16oz bottles                           

                          7/2/05 King Liquors 8226 Pulaski Hwy carries Haffenwrecker in 16 oz bottles at $17.99 (not $18!) / case.

                         3/04/05 Wells Discount Liquor 6310 York Road has XXX for $4.99 / six

     Chesapeake, Md. 4/13/07 Rollandís Grocery Store

     Cockeysville:10/29/04 Calvert Discount Liquors carries a small quantity of Ballantine Ale

     Joppa: 9/16/06: Midway Discount Liquors 12320 Pulaski Hwy (410) 679 - 5511 has six packs at $4.99 as well as many other Pabst brands.

     Owings, MD 4/13/07 Liquor Store

     Silver Spring 2/09/09 Seminary Beer and Wine 9456 Georgia Ave

    Towson 5/18/05: Beltway Fine Wines & Spirits on Raven Blvd. has Ballantine in the micro brew section (!) for $5.49 /6 or $20.99 /case. They also have Iron City and IC Light.


   Acton: Colonial Spirits 69 Great Road (978) 263-7775 - order on line! www.colonialspirits.com

     Boston: 2/23/08 Bukowsky's Fenway location (Cans) (in two bars no less!)

                  2/23/08 Wally's Cafe

     Cambridge 10/28/09: Charlie's Kitchen is one of the few bars with Ballantine!

                                Lanes & Games 195 Concord Turnpike (617) 876-5533     

      Cohasset 2/23/08- Village wine and spirits - bottles, no less!

   Dorchester: Eire Pub

     Fairhaven 07/05/10: Cardoza Wine & Spirits 6 Sconticut Neck Road

     Great Barrington 07/06/2011 Plaza Package 155 State Road (413) 528 - 1790 has 12 oz bottles and 16 oz cans

     Groton 10/28/09: Craven's Package Store

     Holyoke 5/18/05: Holyoke Liquor Mart 2217 Northampton Hwy has XXX in 16 oz cans and Pstock (413) 536-2483

     Lakeville 4/21/08: Muckey's Liquor 13 Harding St. (508) 947- 1144 has 12 oz bottles and cans

      Norwell  2/23/08- Marsh's Liquor Store - bottles and cans

     New Bedford 2/23/08 - Freita's liquor store - bottles

     Sandwich: Canterbury Liquors 331 Cotuit Road (508) 888-6099 - also have Haffenreffer "Green Lightning" Malt Liquor (yum!)

    Somerville: Red Bones BBQ 55 Chester St. (617) 628-2200 http://redbonesbbq.com/drinks.html <e-mail@redbonesbbq.com>

    Stockbridge 11/01/07: Nejaime's Package Store

    Swampscott 1/19/08: Red Rock Bistro 141 Humphrey St. (781) 595-1414 is one of the few restaurants serving Ballantine Ale. Wow. link here

      West Springfield: Crest Room 739-8555




   Detroit Rock City: Pyscho Willie's Likker Store and Crack Pipe Supplies - ok, I couldn't resist an attempt at lame humor. While you can't get Ballantine Ale in Michigan you can get Blatz, Carling Black Label, Stroh's, PBR, Old Style, and Schlitz. 

   Grand Blanc: 03/02/09 Whigville Party Store has got retro Schlitz!

   Irons: 8/5/05 Step back into time and have a $.75 mug of ice cold Stroh's at the Oak Grove Tavern...it's not fire brewed any more but Pabst follows the original recipe


  St Louis: 9/1/06 Dirt Cheap Liquors has Iron City and IC Light in aluminum bottles....

Nebraska - Formerly #1 in Falstaff Sales! 

 Omaha:  The Crescent Moon Ale House was a great supporter of Falstaff Beer and sponsored tribute nights to our favorite beer.  Let's support this great institution. 36th and Farnam (402) 345-1708



New Hampshire      

   Brookline 10/29/09: Route 13 State Line

   Concord: Capitol Distributors 114 Hall St. (603) 224-3348 http://www.capitoldistributors.com/

                     2/29/08: Market Basket Ford Eddy Road for $4.99 / six

    Nashua & Seacoast Areas: Ballantine Ale is available at the Market Basket, in 12 oz bottles and sometimes 12 oz & 16 oz cans. The 12 oz bottles go for $4.49 a six or $16.50 a case. 

     Portsmouth: 4/23/07  Gary's Discount Beverages 12 oz bottles with puzzle caps

     Tilton: You can get Ballantine Ale in 16 oz cans at the new Market Basket Supermarket. They also carry Haffenreffer Malt Liquor

New Jersey:

 Bradley Beach: Vic's Italian Restaurant - Evergreen Ave & Green St (732) 774-8225 on the web at www.vicspizza.com

 Bridgewater: 11/27/05 Elliot Beverage 537 Union Street 732-356-0273 (with drive through!) http://www.elliottbeverage.com/

This could be YOU!!

 Caldwell: Cloverleaf Tavern 395 Bloomfield Ave (973) 226-9812 http://www.cloverleaftavern.com/beer.htm

Carlstadt: 7/19/06 Clock Tower Spirits LLC 711 Rt 17 (201) 939 1818

Clifton: 3/21/08 The Clash Bar 39 Harding Avenue has Ballantine Ale and great live music. There was a time you could never find Ballantine Ale in a bar, great to see that this is changing.

Emerson: 9/18/06 Shoprite 425 Old Hook Road 12s cans and bottles 40s

Freehold: 3/27/05 Shop Rite Liquor Warehouse 3589 Route 9 (732) 294- 8660, $3.99 / six in the cooler in bottles and cans. $13.99 / case warm cans.

 Gillette: 6/11/08 Gillette Liquors 399 Valley Road (908) 647-3772

 Glen Ridge: 4/5/05 Bottle King has XXX for only $3.50 / 6 pack or $11.50 case. Cheap!

 Glen Rock: 4/13/05 Bottle King 924 Prospect St Glen Rock NJ 201 652 2690 has 12 oz cans and bottles for $3.99/6-pack or $12.99/case and 16 oz cans for $4.99/6-pack or $16.49/case

 Hackensack: 8/8/05 Wine King Route 17 12 & 16 oz cans plus 40s

  Hoboken: Hoboken Beer & Soda 559 Newark St (201) 792-2776

                   Louise and Jerry's 329 Washington (201) 656-9698 for a review go here  http://www.hobokeni.com/reviews.asp?LngID=30

Manalapan: 7/14/06 Spirits Unlimited Route 9 has 6 packs of bottles and cans as well as the 40 oz (732) 536 3300

                         7/14/05 Max's 700 Tennent Rd and Route 9

Morganville: 6/20/05 Cambridge Liquor & Wine Shoppe 280 Rt 9 N & Union Hill Rd Morganville, NJ 07751 (732) 617-0119.  They have 6 packs of 12 oz cans $4.29 and 12 oz bottles $4.49.

   Morristown: Cutters 67 Morris St. (973) 644-4749 

   Old Bridge: 7/19/06 Buy Rite Liquor 1274 Englishtown Rd. 732-251-0207.

   Rahway: 9/16/06 You can order Ballantine from anywhere in the country from Witty's Discount Wine and Liquor. Be thirsty no more! 12 oz, 16 oz, and 40 oz, they have the right package for discriminating tastes!

   Ramsey: 9/20/05 Bottle King 476 Route 17 North (201) 934 -9080 has 12 / 16 oz cans and 12 oz bottles www.bottleking.com

   Raritan: 09/02/08 Espo's Restaurant & Bar  10 2nd St (908) 685-9552 is a nice local restaurant and gin mill with good food. Ballantine is 12 oz bottles.

   Ridgewood: 8/8/05 The Office Bar & Grill 32-34 Chesnut St. www.office-beerbar.com Hard to find Ballantine in bars / restaurants! Also have Schlitz, PBR and OM

   Riveredge: 8/9/06 Total Wine & More 135 Kinderkamack Road T: (201) 968-1777

   Rochelle Park:  4/13/05 Shoprite Liquors 220 West Passaic Street   has 12 oz cans $3.49/6-pack 12 oz bottles $3.99/6-pack $13.99/case and 40oz $1.99

   Sommerville: 09/03/08 Super Saver Liquors 888 US Hwy 22 (908) 722- 6700 with a wide selection of all kinds of good stuff                      

   Trenton: Pennington Circle Liquor traffic circle routes 546 and 31 north of town carries Ballantine!

    Upper Saddle River: 9/20/05Saddle River Liquors 380 Route 17 North 201-825-3161 has 12 oz bottles

   Wayne: 3/24/05 Bottle King on route 23 has Ballantine in bottles and cans at $3.99 / 6

 Westwood: 8/8/05 A&P Liquors 12 oz bottles and 16 oz cans


      Albany: Olivers Beverage 105 Colvin Ave (518) 459 2767 www.brew-crew.com

     Binghamton: 12/07/04 Sam the Beer Man 1164 Front St

                    12/15/12 Finish Line Sports Cafe 1139 Upper Front St proudly serving Ballantine!  

     Brooklyn: 5/24/05 Pete's Candy Store 709 Lorimer Street Williamsburg area has live music, no cover, and 16 oz Ballantine in cans for $3. For details (718) 302-3770 Live Music is Best!

     The Bronx: 09/09/09 Yankee Stadium now has Ballantine and other great retro brews to enjoy during the game!

                  03/20/09 Pride Choice Supermarket 5686 Mosholu Ave has Iron City and Dixie Blackened Voodoo

                   09/20/08 New Kingsbridge Deli 251 W 231st St 22s & 40s

                   09/20/08 Quick Stop Deli 248 W 321st St  Productos Mexicanos y 40s            

                   3/01/07 242nd Street Deli at 242nd & Broadway has Ballantine and Haffenreffer

                   5/18/05 Fieldston Supermarket 3700 Riverdale Ave has XXX in 12 oz cans

                  Mosholu Deli 5706 Mosholu Ave. (718) 549-8900 (great deals on the 16 oz cans your webguy likes so much!)

                    M& N Deli & Grocery 5991 Broadway not only carry 16 oz cans of Ballantine Ale but 40 0z bottles of the golden brew. They also have the delicious Haffenreffer Malt Liquor in the trendy 40 oz bottles ready to go. Sure hits the spot!

      R. Mini Mart 208 W.238th St yet in da Bronx still has cold 22oz and the trendy 40 oz bottles (for professional XXX drinkers). Call (718) 543-4949. 

Brooklyn: The Gowanus Yacht Club is the only bar that we know about serving Ballantine Ale in the Big Apple. They're at 323 Smith St. (718) 246-1321. For more go here

Chester: 10/25/06 Bargain Beverage Rt 17M Chester, NY (845 469 9955) 12 oz cans/bottles 16oz cans and 40s

Cortland: 09/09/11 Hairy Tony's 102 Main St (607) 662 - 0239 www.hairytonys.com one of the few bars in the country serving Ballantine Ale

Goshen 10/25/06 Beverage Plus Greenwich St Goshen NY 10924

Ithaca 5/09/08 Finger Lakes Beverage 605 W State has sixes of 12 oz bottles

Manhattan:  Tony's Farmer;s Market 1576 1st Ave NY, NY 10028 (corner of 82nd Str.) (212) 570-6229

Monroe: 12/22/06 Monroe Beer & Soda Route 17M

New York City:   4/2/05 Old Town Tavern, around 18th Street, has Ballantine behind the bar. We think this is the only bar in New York that sells Ballantine

                           4/2/05 Three Star Deli 81st and York Ave (212) 737 2703                          

Poughkeepsie 11/28/07: Half Time Beverage 2290 South Road

Port Jervis: 9/19/06 Easy Way Beverage 283 E Main St (845) 856-2900

Rochester: Beers of the World 3450 Winton Plaza (585) 427-2852    

Scotia: 6/23/08 Glenview Beverage 96 Freemans Bridge Road has a great selection of beers including Ballantine

Sloatsburg 12/22/06 American Beverage Route 17   

Staten Island: Champ Beverages at 2248 Hylan Blvd. has XXX in 12 oz and 16 oz cans, and 22 and 32 oz bottles. 

  Yonkers: Yonker's Discount Beverage Center 424 Riverdale Av. (914) 963-8600 - has it in 16 oz cans, 12 oz cans, 22 oz bottles, and ("works every time") the famous 40 oz bottles. And for the mega-serious connoisseur of the brewer's art they have Haffenreffer Malt in the chic 22 oz and 40 oz  green bottles.... 12/07/04 I have actually visited this place and it should be converted into the official Ballantine shrine. Whoa. They have A LOT of Ballantine on the floor.

                   Siebert Beer Distributors 861 Yonkers Avenue (914) 965-0571 has Ballantine in 12 oz bottles



              Athens: Mistretta's Deli on 9 N. Shafer St (740) 594-4949 not only has Ballantine XXX, but a little history of the fabulous ale and some solutions to the rebus inside the bottle caps on their website. Go to www.mistrettas.com for more information!

            Brooklyn: 6/6/05 Biddulph Beverage

            Canton: 7/18/07 George's Lounge 229 Cleveland est. 1959

            Cleveland: 5/26/08  Warehouse Beverage 4364 Mayfield Rd. (216) 382 - 2400

                                Beachland Ballroom 15711 Waterloo Road (216) 383-1124 or on the web at  http://www.beachlandballroom.com/

                               Warren Village Beverage and Liquor 3332 Warren Rd - (216) 252-5080 has an ample supply at $4.50 per six

                                Sam's Food and Beverage 12201 Franklin Blvd (216) 221-5544 same price as above

             Fairfield 2/23/08 : Jungle Jim's Route 4

           Lancaster: The Pitt Stop 2 at 1221 N. Memorial Dr. 

                 North Royalton: 5/1/05 Joe D's Beverage & Deli 5259 Wallings Road (440) 582-0014

             Wadsworth: 9/19/06 Buehler's has Ballantine for $4.29 / 6 www.buehlers.com


      Allentown: Banko Beverage 2124 Hanover St. (610)434-0147 on the web at http://www.bankobeverage.com/index.html

      Chadds Ford: 3/1/07 Brewer's Outlet 257 Wilmington-West Chester Pke (610) 459 - 8228 has 12 oz bottles. 

      Danville: 8/9/06 Henry Voelcker, Inc, 346-352 Ferry St. Danville, Pa. 17821  570-275-2337 have Ballantine, IC, and IC Light. Nice folks!

     Emmaus: Shangy's 40 Main St. (610) 967-1701

      Erie: 8/22/07 Beer for Less 3750 Peach St.

     Green Tree: 8/22/07 Beer World on Noblestown Rd. www.beerinpittsburgh.com

     Hummelstown 8/1/08: Hummelstown Beverage Distributors 659 E Main (717) 566 - 8231

     King of Prussia: Distributor: Kunda Beverages 349 S. Henderson www.kundabev.com

     Milford: 12/05/08 Beer Barn 204 W Harford St (570) 296-7010

     North Philly: The liquor store on 13th and Allegheny has got Haffenreffer Private Stock waiting for ya!

    Philadelphia: The Grey Lodge Pub features Ballantine at $2.00 per bottle every day! www.greylodge.com

    Pittsburgh: Distributor for Ballantine is McBroom Beer Distributor (412) 241-2500 or visit  http://regentsquare.net/mcbroom.html

     Point Marion: 12/28/04 Korintus Beer Distributor Rear 504 Morgantown St phone (724) 725 9147 has Ballantine and Haffenwrecker P Stock

     Reading: Beer Mart 301 Morgantown Road (610) 376-7341

Rhode Island

     East Providence: 12/28/07 You can find Ballantine pretty much all over the state but Gasborro's at 618 Warren Avenue has the best prices.

     Westerly: 3/18/08 The Wine Store 86 Franklin St. (401) 596-6160 http://www.thewinestoreri.com/main.asp?request=TYPEPAGE&type=B

South Carolina

      Charleston: Lee Distributors have the state pretty well covered for Ballantine Ale


        Temple: 01/27/2011 Just a thought to say "thanks" to Mikeska Distributing for flying the flag until the very end and being our source of Falstaff in the state...they now are the sole distributors for Haffenreffer Private Stock



 Hinesburg: Ballard's Corner Store Route 113 and Shelburne Falls Road has Ballantine in six packs of bottles

North Clarendon: Baker Distributing (distributor) N. Shrewsbury Rd. (802) 773-3397 

Norwich: Dan & Whits

Richmond: 10/19/10 Richmond Market & Beverage on Bridge Street has Ballantine Ale and features homemade lamb sausages crafted by Pat the meatcutter!


Blacksburg: 1/10/05 Ballantine is back! Go to Vintage Cellars 1340 S Main - Phone (800) 672-9463  www.vintagecellar.com


    Kenosha: 11/01/07  Woodman's right off of I-94 on Hwy 50 has Point in returnable bottles and the biggest selection of Wisconsin sausages and cheeses I have seen in my life...

     Milwaukee: 1/8/07 Oklahoma Liquors 933 W Oklahoma (414) 744 - 2444. If one can have a "favorite" liquor store, then this is one of mine. They used to sell Falstaff back in the day, so will always have a spot in the Beer Depot Hall of Fame.

Waukesha: 11/28/07 Discount Liquors in Waukesha doesn't have Falstaff on the shelf any more, but you can get Grain Belt, Huber Bock, Point, and a lot of other good regionals.

   Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. JThis page is only possible thanks to your contributions. Your input has  helped a lot of people (including your humble web guy) locate these classic beers. The Friends of Falstaff and Ballantine Ale 'preciate the information from all these fine folks and in particular to Tom Grimaldi and Michael Newman for so many submissions! : Tom Garcia, Scott Varner, Megan Glennon, Pat Kelley,  Dave Ayres, Andrew Chadwick,  Michael Bricker, Bob,  Chris, Mike the Rock Crusher, Todd Klacik, Kevin Elliot, Kevin Ballantine, Alec Andrews,  Cansrp, Jeff Lyons, Class of 68,T from Scituate, MA, Clayton Commons, Steve Lindley, Lee Matthews, Anthony, Brian Fisher, Catherine Kiener, Joe Hredzak, Jean Archer, Ballantine, Frank Soloducha, Chris Fleming, Regan Peppers, Ron Steffen, Joe Sylvester,  John Mella, Nicolcubs, Tom Ramacciotti, Sgt. Frederick Scott, Suzanne Smallshaw, Don Frederick, Gains McDonald, Bradford Elliot, Hank Howorth, Steve Boyce, William Froese, Rudy Karr, Derek Bean of Pabst, David Wright, Chris Getsfred, J Ross, Mayhem 99, Chris Getsfred, Dave Gasser, Beverly di Filippis, Ric the Radio Lawn Man, 'J', Brad Elliot, Holly Bissett, David Thompson, Tom Dougherty, Brad Finch, Regan, D'Arcy Ballinger, Troy Magnuson, Mark Andrews, Greg Scott, Bill Becker, Don Jeffrey, Steve Hoylman, Kelley D. Ellison, Jeff Good, Rob Lambert, Troy Magnuson, Mike Weitzmann, Jason Moss, Neal Davenport, Charles Mikeska, Rosanne Finley, Benjamin Pruett, D'Arcy Ballinger, Craig Seufert, Beck Martin, Shirley Shifflet, David Wright,  Dan Kjeldgaard,  Satan 165 aka the big boss in Chicago,  Benjamin Armstrong,  Mr. Black Label himself; Charlie Smigo, Edkolar869, Paul Anders, R Junker, John Brungardt,  Jason from Florida, Karen Davis, Dave in Coal Valley, Ryan Morrison, Mike Barks, Marc Morency, Joe Man, Paul Byrne, Sean Bauer, Mike Craven, Clay Schlemeier, Allen Kell, Frank Belleville,  Bill Gallagher, Shane Leise, Pete Bottoms, Paul from StL, Jayne, Jason Moss, Mark Montgomery,  Ricky Graham, Brandon Lewis, Brian Geldmacher, Jeff Culvahouse, Mike Rolfsmeyer from the Motor City, Mark from Illinois, Sue and Jim Woodfield ('cause we're all in this together), Dale Griffin, Jim Dorsch, Tim Edwards, Jay from Brooklyn, Anthony DB from the Bronx, SPRINDLE (aka Sean Selman), Joe Rougon, Andrea Salinas of Pabst, Michael Newman, David Foote, Amy Barrow Cassella, Cornhuskers Bob Teter and "Bad" Bob Koenig, Garfield, Doug Soper, Larry D. Newsome, Jeff Wilson from the Lone Star State, Stan Galloway, Norm from Nashua, Rich Rathbun, Patrick Mondi, Al Ike, George Diller, Mike Drelicharz, Beck Martin, Randy Tate, Richie Artzberger, Dr. Jo Adams, Rich Probst, Jed & his cat, "Burgesstom" in Ft Myers, "the Beer Mogul", Jim W. from Texas, Ricky & Steve, Joe Glogowski, Brian Noe, Wes Weaver, Larry Schroeder, Rick Elofson, Robert Ebert, Bryan Monaco, Michael Hudson, Dave Rankin, & <LCar6001> for the info! Staff Will be back!